Updates + Euphoric Yaoi

Hey guys. How are ya’ll? I have some stuff for you.

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me luck in life and with my job 😉 Thanks a bunch for the good messages. I appreciate them <3

Second, I decided to go back to scanlating, but I won’t be doing a full team scanlation group. It’s just me, myself and I, and some friends who can help me with translating. Projects I will be doing are of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mad Cinderella; this was one of my solo projects in the first place, so I’ll have to continue it anyway.

Third, I have yaoi discord server and I recently made a website/blog for it, it’s called “Euphoric Yaoi”. I was wondering if people would like to volunteer to be a blogger for our website. There will be specific categories, for example, manga (top 5 manga for the week or month, manga recommendations, etc), cosplay and yaoi cons (if you’ve went to a yaoi con and would like to post your experiences), anime and games; as long as they’re related to yaoi.

If you would like to volunteer as one, do send me an email at jazdlazyfujoshi@gmail.com. Also, if you’re gonna volunteer to be a blogger, you’ll have a specific role in Discord when you join in our server 🙂

Here’s our Discord link – https://discord.gg/uF8W87y – if you guys would like to join o7

Thank you for reading!

Hi, we’re not dead, yet.

I’m really sorry for not updating for a long time, guys! Life has been hectic, and I just started a new job at Torico Corp. as a manga typesetter. I also felt a bit lost on the topic of to still scanlate or no. For now, I just want to finish Blue Sky Complex… and then maybe see how things will go from there.