Hi read me im important.

First of all, I have already disbanded this group. So I’m no longer gonna update stuff to this site, but ehh it will just keep going on till the hosting site admin decides to remove it from their list of dead sites, so when that happens, expect everything here gone. Poof. Nada.

I will be moving to my new one – Just Another Scanlator blog (you can read the next posts for the link) with my translator friend. It will be just me and her coz I dont wanna make a new big sc group and get stressed all over again 🙂 so yuuuuuhhhh

For the foreign scanlation groups who were so nice to kept sending me permission emails, you dont have to send me emails anymore and ask for permission to retranslate, just go ahead and do it.

For the ones who sent me application emails, sorry but I’m gonna decline all of you for obvious reasons. Maybe in the future in my new site, when I need some help, I will open em slots but I doubt it.

Soooo I guess thats it. Thanks again to everyone who kept supporting the group since MXR times. It was really fun at first but yknow, it gets taxing as the time passes by. So I’m just gonna scanlate at my own time and pace.

See ya’ll around!

Updates + Euphoric Yaoi

Hey guys. How are ya’ll? I have some stuff for you.

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me luck in life and with my job 😉 Thanks a bunch for the good messages. I appreciate them <3

Second, I decided to go back to scanlating, but I won’t be doing a full team scanlation group. It’s just me, myself and I, and some friends who can help me with translating. Projects I will be doing are of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mad Cinderella; this was one of my solo projects in the first place, so I’ll have to continue it anyway.

Third, I have yaoi discord server and I recently made a website/blog for it, it’s called “Euphoric Yaoi”. I was wondering if people would like to volunteer to be a blogger for our website. There will be specific categories, for example, manga (top 5 manga for the week or month, manga recommendations, etc), cosplay and yaoi cons (if you’ve went to a yaoi con and would like to post your experiences), anime and games; as long as they’re related to yaoi.

If you would like to volunteer as one, do send me an email at jazdlazyfujoshi@gmail.com. Also, if you’re gonna volunteer to be a blogger, you’ll have a specific role in Discord when you join in our server 🙂

Here’s our Discord link – https://discord.gg/uF8W87y – if you guys would like to join o7

Thank you for reading!

Hi, we’re not dead, yet.

I’m really sorry for not updating for a long time, guys! Life has been hectic, and I just started a new job at Torico Corp. as a manga typesetter. I also felt a bit lost on the topic of to still scanlate or no. For now, I just want to finish Blue Sky Complex… and then maybe see how things will go from there.