Doujinshi – Kocchi Muite Waratte – Look At Me

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Yaho! Sorry guys, I couldn’t release all the three doujinshi together ;( I rushed working on my assignment for DMP yesterday and I felt so dead that I was so tired to work on the KMW doujinshi, even after a break. My arm’s were so dead! UGH. But it was sure fun 😉

Welp, anyway, here’s the first doujinshi for Kocchi Muite Waratte o/

Happy Chinese New Year, guys!


  1. Thank you so much for the release! 😃

  2. Thank you very much!! ^_^

  3. Thanks so much for the release and fitting this into your busy schedule! I hope you had a great CNY!

  4. thank you so much for the update ^_^

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! and thank you so much^^

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