1) How did the group formed?

Jaz got the name from discord chat. The convo was like Jaz wanted to puke coz she ate too much sweets and then someone said “puke rainbows”, then she did and for a second thought how nice it was when Addi, one of our cleaners, rearranged the words from puking rainbows into Rainbow Puke, and voila! The name has been created! \OwO/

The group was originally formed to scanlate Hitman Reborn doujinshi and other fandoms Jaz liked until in 2013, when the hype died down and we started working on manga.

2) What kind of projects Rainbow Puke Scans do?

We mainly work on BL/Yaoi/Shounen-Ai/MalexMale/Gay manga. We also work on a few shoujo titles.

3) How can I read your releases?

You can read our releases in our online reader. You can also check our projects under the Projects tab located in the main menu.

4) Can I upload your works to online reader sites?

You can share them but keep our credit pages intact. Please wait for 24 hours before sharing them.

5) What are your rules regarding a licensed series?

A. If a series is licensed by an English-publisher, it’s illegal to release chapters of that series in English. One of the main reasons why we scanlate manga is so the series gains popularity and we urge readers to support the mangaka by buying their own copies of their work.

B. Most of the time we will drop any project that becomes licensed out of respect towards the author & artist, however there are a few exceptions. If the licensed series is years and years behind the source country, or the release for the English version is excruciatingly slow, then we will continue to release chapters. Needless to say, if the English version is only months behind then we’ll immediately stop & drop all work on the releases, as well as remove any download links on our site.

6) Can I re-upload your work onto another hosting site (dropbox/box/mediafire/ect.)?

If our links are dead, yes you can. But please keep our inserts intact.

7) Can I translate XXX to another language?

Yes, you can. Please read our retranslation rules before asking us.

8) How often do you release?

We release when we have completed a project or chapter and because procrastination is our best friend, we do not have a definite release schedule.

9) Can I make a request?

Sorry, but we’re not accepting requests right now.

10) Will you accept donations?

Yes. If you can and want, you can donate through Paypal.

11) Would you like to do a joint?

We are currently not accepting any joint projects from any groups.

12) Help! How can I open the .rar/.zip files?

If you do not have WinRAR installed on your computer, install it now. You can just extract the .rar/.zip files in to your designated folder and viola! 🙂

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