Hi, we’re not dead, yet.

I’m really sorry for not updating for a long time, guys! Life has been hectic, and I just started a new job at Torico Corp. as a manga typesetter. I also felt a bit lost on the topic of to still scanlate or no. For now, I just want to finish Blue Sky Complex… and then maybe see how things will go from there.


  1. Thanks for the update and lots of success re: new job!

  2. thanks for the update. take your time.

  3. Please keep going your efforts bring manga to the truly needy that also opens the door to find ones to buy!

  4. stormwolf2010

    Thanks for the update, and please, don’t push yourself to scanlate. Sometimes RL takes over and you just have to go with it!

  5. Thanks for the update! Just keep trucking on and know that we’re here waiting for you and cheering you on!

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