Manga – Usotsuki na Shisen ch.2

Title: Usotsuki na Shisen
Artist: Suzukura Hal

Summary: Murakami, who feels he’s disliked by Kurosawa because of the cold stares he receives, loses even his enthusiasm for the training, but makes the decision to push on. However, once he finally starts getting comfortable and having fun teaching students, he is warned, for some reason, by Kurosawa. But as as soon as he is repelled by Kurosawa’s confusing words, Kurosawa…. Kisses him?! A love between a dreaming college student and his sadistic, Spartan teacher.

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Hey, it’s been… 10 months since we last updated this manga. A lot has happened but we recently had this fully translated so you’ll see more updates of this in the near future 😉 Also, I would like to welcome Harusame, our brand new translator to the team! o/

Please enjoy~


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