Important Announcement

History: Moi-xRyu (MXR) Scanlations was first created on March 2010 on the sole purpose of scanlating Hitman Reborn doujinshi, but after a couple years, decided to work on BL manga as well. Our first BL manga we released was “Slow Starter” by Ichikawa Kei, and more titles were added as time and years passed by.

The admin, XRYUCHAN27, got hacked sometime year 2016 and because of that, decided to rename the scans group from MXR to Nyxilicious Scans to Blue Sky Scans to Rainbow Puke Scans – for a year or so ’til the disbandment happened. The admin is now using the username JAZ / JAZD801 / JAZD / JAZDLAZYFUJOSHI. I may not be active in scanlating as much as I used to but I am still very much active in my twitter.

MXR/RPS/JAS Disbandment Post – 08/29/17

I have already disbanded this group. So I’m no longer gonna update stuff to this site, but ehh it will just keep going on till the hosting site admin decides to remove it from their list of dead sites, so when that happens, expect everything here gone. Poof. Nada. (I’ll keep the backup for the whole site, tho, so if you need anything from here, download files and such, you can hit me up in my own twitter.)

Some of our Ichikawa Kei projects will be taken care of by Get Naughty Scans. If you came here to read more of Blue Sky Complex, go to GNS website instead. In regards to our other projects, you are free to pick them up if you are interested – you can even contact me in twitter or discord about them.

Just Another Scanlator website has been terminated around the month of April or May 2018 (I forgot) due to personal problems. I’m not completely gonna quit scanlation though so I decided to go back to doing them but I won’t be doing a full team scanlation group. It’s just me, myself and I, and maybe some friends who can help me with translating. Projects I will be doing are of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Honey Sweet Kitchen, Mad Cinderella and Tsukumo no Hanashi; this were a few of my solo projects in the first place, so I’ll have to continue it anyway, and some fandom doujinshi I’m seriously into right now (My Hero Academia and Attack On Titan.) I made a website for it so if you wanna check it out, you can here.

For the foreign scanlation groups who were so nice to kept sending me permission emails, you don’t have to send me emails anymore and ask for permission to re-translate, just go ahead and do it.

For the ones who sent me application emails, sorry but I’m gonna decline all of you for obvious reasons. Maybe in the future in my new site, when I need some help, I will open ’em slots but I doubt it.

Sooo I guess that’s it. Thanks again to everyone who kept supporting us since MXR times. It was really fun at first but y’know, it gets taxing as the time passes by (when readers started to demand more from us, scanlators – we’re not robots, we’re just humans; we have feelings too dammit.) So I’m just gonna scanlate at my own time and pace. See ya’ll around!

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