Manga – Blue Sky Complex CH.14

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for the wait! But here’s chapter 14 of BSC! I just came home from the city so I’m a bit woozy and after I finalized my work with DMP, I worked on this chapter right away. I’ll work on Bright Light Sprout or Mad Cinderella in a few days. Scratch that, I just remembered there’s no recent translation for MadCin, so I’ll work on other stuff by Ichikawa Kei owo

For now, please enjoy~


ps; I haven’t gotten the raws for the next chapter yet but we’ll work on it once we get it 😉

Manga – HNY 2017 Releases


As promised, here’s some new manga releases. I hope you like them! It may not be enough but this is also a form of thank you for those who have donated to the group and for my mom’s as well. So, thank you! May you all have a wonderful new year~

Bright Light SproutDownload + Read Online

Yamada-kun to Tanaka Kachou = Download + Read Online

Manga – Honey Sweet Kitchen & Tsukumo no Hanashi

Well, I present you two of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s non-BL stories ;D
The other is a brand new title I’ve been wanting to release, yay!
Please enjoy~

Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Author: Nanao Suzu
Summary: Maeda-san started his exclusive course in this chapter and it’s all been tiring, but what’s this?! He finally realizes that Minato is a girl…?! (After 16 chapters… omg. Aren’t you dense, huh, Maeda?)

Download/Read Online: Mediafire | Read Online

Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Author: Kannagi Satoru
Summary: To clean up the cafe his uncle used to manage, Keita headed towards his destination. And over there… A yakuza and a gothic lolita young lady…!? A heartfelt story about an interaction between “humans” and “non-humans”!

Download/Read Online: Mediafire | Read Online

PS. I’ll upload the rest of HSK’s chapters in a few days.

Manga – Usotsuki na Shisen ch.2

Title: Usotsuki na Shisen
Artist: Suzukura Hal

Summary: Murakami, who feels he’s disliked by Kurosawa because of the cold stares he receives, loses even his enthusiasm for the training, but makes the decision to push on. However, once he finally starts getting comfortable and having fun teaching students, he is warned, for some reason, by Kurosawa. But as as soon as he is repelled by Kurosawa’s confusing words, Kurosawa…. Kisses him?! A love between a dreaming college student and his sadistic, Spartan teacher.

Download: Mediafire | Read Online

Hey, it’s been… 10 months since we last updated this manga. A lot has happened but we recently had this fully translated so you’ll see more updates of this in the near future 😉 Also, I would like to welcome Harusame, our brand new translator to the team! o/

Please enjoy~