Manga – Hello Again ch.6


Hey guys! Ahh~ It’s been a month since we last released something, eh? Sorry, sorry. We’re seriously lacking of Japanese Translators right now so releases like this will probably slow down 🙁 But we will try to update the ones we’ve already had translated ^^;;

On the side note, I would like to say thanks to my-messyplace-alicia for the scans, and IcedTea for the wonderful translation, as always 🙂

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Stray Bullet Baby ch.1

Hey guys! Aocchan finally finished translating this yesterday night and I wanted to release it right away so here’s it! One of Ichikawa Kei’s new manga, Stray Bullet Baby! Thank you so much to our kawaii anon for always providing us wonderful scans of Ichikawa Kei stuff! You know who you are so thanks! *hugs*

download and read the summary here plz

Without further ado, please enjoy!

ps; thank you to everyone who have greeted me a happy birthday! I appreciate it very much <3

Ani no Senaka Ch.4


Well, I missed to release this yesterday on my birthday. I didn’t had time to actually quality-check it >,< But I had a fun day yesterday. My family and I, along with my friends who surprise visited me at home with cake and balloons, all went out to eat dinner. The restaurant staff gave me a heart attack when they came out and sang a happy birthday song, lmao. Overall, it was a fun and exhausting night.

Anyway, you can also read this chapter at our reader! O/ Enjoy!

Blue Sky Complex ch.12

Hey guys!

Here’s the long awaited continuation of Blue Sky Complex! o/ I wanted to release this on Saturday but ugh I don’t think I can hold out that much longer just to release this. So it got me thinking…. I’ll just release them whenever RPS staff are finished with their assigned projects~~ Basically, no bulk release on Saturday. I’m gonna be out with the whole family on that day, anyway >_<


Also, in case some of you may not know…. We have our own online reader! So you can now read this chapter here! Thank you so much to Deechan12 and Sauzaa from Penicillinshock group for cleaning this chapter o/ We are now collaborating with them so be sure to head at their site and say your thanks as well!

On the other topic, WHO’S EXCITED TO WATCH SEASON 5 OF NATSUME YUUJINCHOU?! \OwO/ It’s like, this is the best early birthday present, ever! I love, love Natsume Yuujinchou. I think I’m gonna crai *sniffs*

Well then, happy reading!

Update – Welcome to our new home~

You know, I’m not really fond of using Why? Because I can’t customize my own theme layout nor upload new plugins! So I searched and searched for some webshosting sites that offers free subdomain with unlimited disk space and bandwidth (there’s nothing unlimited btw) these past days and finally found S U G A R K I S S! What’s more, it seems like the site owner is quick on replying stuff so I’m happy with the service. I just hope s/he can help me install FoOlSlide or there will be forever no online reader of our own unless some kindred-spirit comes up and help me with it KsdJFsdlkfjdf

So yeah, anyway, WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME, guys!