Update – Project Status Sheet

Hi guys! Sorry to burst out your bubble but this is just an update! Just letting everyone know that I made us a spreadsheet for all the projects we are currently doing. You can find it under the “Projects” tab or go here.

ps; please excuse my copy/paste from someone else’s style :v if you’re reading this, you know who you are and i hope you don’t mind it, ahahah~ ily

Kocchi Muite Waratte ch.5 + Extras

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I was planning to release this next week which is also my birthday and bulk release but I couldn’t wait to release it now! I know all of you Ichikawa Kei fans are waiting impatiently for this *dodges tomatoes and eggs flying towards me* I’m sorry, I’m sorry! The waiting is over now, though!


On the side note, I still have three doujinshi of these two dorks with me that I have yet to scan. I’m an incredibly lazybum so you’ll have to wait patiently or if some kind-heart person would be willing to share their scans for us to scanlate…. which is unlikely :\ But yeah anyway, please do wait! I’ll scan ’em soon, probably after the bulk releases are done 🙂

Well, please enjoy reading KMW’s last chapter!

Sayonara Note Ch.5 (END)

IM ASHAMED COZ THE LAST UPDATE WAS LAST YEAR OMG IM SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!!! But here’s the most awaited finish of Sayonara Note! Thank you for being patient with us!


There’s still actually an extra story about a different couple but I’ll leave that for later or if anyone wants to scanlate it, lemme know and I’ll give you my scans ;D

Also, I’m not sure but I think the chinese scans I last saw of this manga has a sex scene for this chapter but unfortunately, the one I bought doesn’t have it @_@

SO, this release commemorates me going back to scanlating once again! HURRAY!!! I’ll slowly work on the other neglected projects now~ *skitters away*

Site Name/URL Changed + Recruiting

Hi guys. I changed the site name from Aozora Scans into Blue Sky Scans so I changed the URL as well into = http://rpscans.wordpress.com/ coz the last one was pretty long O_O

Also, since I’ve changed the group name from MXR, it felt like a whole new scanlation group I am managing. Let’s think that MXR is now gone and will forever in our hearts 🙁 and now the next adventures will start (continue) here in Blue Sky Scans 🙂 For that, I have decided to make the anniversary date on the same day as I was born which is on October 8th. We will be releasing our first releases next month, hopefully there are a bunch @_@

On the other hand, we’re now RECRUITING!! Please disregard what I said in the last post about “not recruiting at the moment”, lmao.

See you soon~

I’m back, sorta…?

Hi guys! Long time no talk!

To be honest, I was in the verge of running away from my responsibilities as this group’s founder and jack-of-all-trades. The depression was killing me mentally but because I’ve been playing games after I took a break from the group, the load of bullcrap that had happened to me early this year sorta slowly disappeared from my mind so I kinda wanna scanlate again so here I am updating some stuff like the Staff List and the Future List.

I’ll eventually update some of our leftover current projects, pinky swear! I’m not going to pick up new projects till my staff members and I finish on the current ones ; w ;

Recruitment’s currently closed at the moment but if you insist on helping me and my staff, be free to send me an email to xryu.scans.143@gmail.com 🙂

See you again soon!

Taking A Break

Hey guys, sorry for the inactive-ness. I just started work from Amimaru Manga and it’s making me overwhelmed because I have 349 pages total. So I have to like, do 100 pages a day and there’s a deadline soo what I’m meaning to say is that, I’ll probably have to take a break from scanlating for a while. I’m sorry.

And, thank you to all who have donated to the group!