Sayonara Note Ch.5 (END)

IM ASHAMED COZ THE LAST UPDATE WAS LAST YEAR OMG IM SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!!! But here’s the most awaited finish of Sayonara Note! Thank you for being patient with us!


There’s still actually an extra story about a different couple but I’ll leave that for later or if anyone wants to scanlate it, lemme know and I’ll give you my scans ;D

Also, I’m not sure but I think the chinese scans I last saw of this manga has a sex scene for this chapter but unfortunately, the one I bought doesn’t have it @_@

SO, this release commemorates me going back to scanlating once again! HURRAY!!! I’ll slowly work on the other neglected projects now~ *skitters away*


  1. Thank you for the release!^^

  2. Welcome back and thank you :3

  3. Thank you very much! 💜

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