Blue Sky Complex ch.12

Hey guys!

Here’s the long awaited continuation of Blue Sky Complex! o/ I wanted to release this on Saturday but ugh I don’t think I can hold out that much longer just to release this. So it got me thinking…. I’ll just release them whenever RPS staff are finished with their assigned projects~~ Basically, no bulk release on Saturday. I’m gonna be out with the whole family on that day, anyway >_<


Also, in case some of you may not know…. We have our own online reader! So you can now read this chapter here! Thank you so much to Deechan12 and Sauzaa from Penicillinshock group for cleaning this chapter o/ We are now collaborating with them so be sure to head at their site and say your thanks as well!

On the other topic, WHO’S EXCITED TO WATCH SEASON 5 OF NATSUME YUUJINCHOU?! \OwO/ It’s like, this is the best early birthday present, ever! I love, love Natsume Yuujinchou. I think I’m gonna crai *sniffs*

Well then, happy reading!


  1. Thank you very much.

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