Warui Koibito ja Dame?

Artist: Sakuraga Mei
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, School Life
Volumes: 1 (Complete)

Summary: Because of some bad luck, Aikawa Towa’s recent problem is the complicated relationship between the devillish student council president, Shirahane Mikado. Kissing is not the only thing… but is this friendship?! What’s more, Mikado started to take a part time job to find relief, but… His bad friends, Shinonome and Yukimura saw their kiss scene…?! Eh?! Will two guys be “lovers”…?!

Extra chapter “The Beautiful Life of the Shirahane Household” and an addition of an XX scene ♥ Gakuen mega hit series, newest release!


Complete Volume | Read Online

*Chapter 5 has been scanlated by September Scanlations.
Joint project with Game Over or Continue…?

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