Future Projects

Here’s our list of future projects we will be working on… soon.
If you see something interesting and would like to offer a hand,
please send us an email about it 🙂

Love Complex
by Kamogawa Tsuna

Yasaka Koukou Shakou Dance Bu
by Akino Shiina

Kabegoshi no Shishunki
by Tsubaki

Spangle 1 & Spangle 2

by Ichikawa Kei

by Ichikawa Kei

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  1. Hello………. thank you so much for scanlating works! It’s a boon for people who can’t read japanese.
    I was wondering if you would consider scanlating any of HINO GARASU’S works ( out of the ones which are not scanlated!) I also noticed that you have already translated her work FETISH. I can give you a link for raws if you decide on a particular one.

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