I’m back, sorta…?

Hi guys! Long time no talk!

To be honest, I was in the verge of running away from my responsibilities as this group’s founder and jack-of-all-trades. The depression was killing me mentally but because I’ve been playing games after I took a break from the group, the load of bullcrap that had happened to me early this year sorta slowly disappeared from my mind so I kinda wanna scanlate again so here I am updating some stuff like the Staff List and the Future List.

I’ll eventually update some of our leftover current projects, pinky swear! I’m not going to pick up new projects till my staff members and I finish on the current ones ; w ;

Recruitment’s currently closed at the moment but if you insist on helping me and my staff, be free to send me an email to xryu.scans.143@gmail.com 🙂

See you again soon!


  1. I’m so glad to hear from you! Welcome back! 💕 Thank you very much for this wonderful update. 😍

  2. Welcome back. I’m glad you’re feeling better after taking a break.

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