Jaz’s Art Commissions

 Here’s another way of showing your support to the group~
I’ll be offering you my shit art commission services.
Read the ff. texts below if you’re interested c:

 Sample & Pricing 

 I will only offer you my chibi art style in full body.
 I can do fan-arts of anime, manga and game characters.
 I like to draw girls and cute stuff. Boys not so much.
 I use Paint Tool SAI for drawing c:

Commission Info 

image I only accept PayPal as payment and currency are in USD.
image Commissioner covers any and all PayPal transaction fees.
image Please send the payment after I have emailed you the watermark version of your art.
image These commissions are for personal use only. If you want to use it for other things, kindly ask me first.
image Feel free to do whatever you want with the art as long as you leave my signature on the art or leave me a credit if you post it in your site. Please do not own it as if you made it nor make a profit out of it.
image I can only draw if there’s a reference sheet of your character, with an image and not just texts.
image I deserve the right to reject your order. I usually don’t though, ahaha~
image If you have any questions or want to request, feel free to send me an email.


Then, please send me an email with your character reference sheet (color, characteristics and all), and a reference picture of a pose if you want a specific one. If you want me to add simple backgrounds (like a pattern or simple scenery), let me know as well.

When I accept your request and you’ve sent in your payments, I will send you a draft via email of your character in case you aren’t happy with it and would like to change or add something c: If you’re okay with the draft, I will then start lineart and color it. It may take a few days for me to finish one request but I usually finish it within a day. I’ll let you know if I ever get delayed, no worries~

Email/Paypal: xryu.scans.143@gmail.com

Not Interested?

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