Manga – Hello Again ch.6


Hey guys! Ahh~ It’s been a month since we last released something, eh? Sorry, sorry. We’re seriously lacking of Japanese Translators right now so releases like this will probably slow down 🙁 But we will try to update the ones we’ve already had translated ^^;;

On the side note, I would like to say thanks to my-messyplace-alicia for the scans, and IcedTea for the wonderful translation, as always 🙂

Where to buy digital manga?:
Ebookjapan/ Renta! /

We have a new discord chat room; the other was… dead, I suppose? Just click on it to get an invite 😉


  1. Ivan Crane Henrick

    Thank you for the update! I miss this story so much. ಥ_ಥ

  2. Thank you very much.

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