Manga – Honey Sweet Kitchen & Tsukumo no Hanashi

Well, I present you two of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s non-BL stories ;D
The other is a brand new title I’ve been wanting to release, yay!
Please enjoy~

Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Author: Nanao Suzu
Summary: Maeda-san started his exclusive course in this chapter and it’s all been tiring, but what’s this?! He finally realizes that Minato is a girl…?! (After 16 chapters… omg. Aren’t you dense, huh, Maeda?)

Download/Read Online: Mediafire | Read Online

Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Author: Kannagi Satoru
Summary: To clean up the cafe his uncle used to manage, Keita headed towards his destination. And over there… A yakuza and a gothic lolita young lady…!? A heartfelt story about an interaction between “humans” and “non-humans”!

Download/Read Online: Mediafire | Read Online

PS. I’ll upload the rest of HSK’s chapters in a few days.


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