Manga – Stray Bullet Baby ch.2


Here’s the next chapter for Stray Bullet Baby! Please excuse some typesetting mistakes here, I’m kind of being attacked my mosquitoes so I’m feeling itchy all over D; Meh. Just a warning about this chapter though, IT HAS A CLIFFHANGER! Enjoy~!


  1. Hello! I’m Mitsu from Seiren Project [[ link is ]] and I’d like to be affiliated with your project, Rainbow Puke Scans! Seiren is still small and brand new, but I have a lot of different titles in mind for the future. I don’t know where exactly to ask for affiliation, so I hope you accept my request ^^ I’ve already added your link to my website, just in case. Thank you very much!

    • Oh! I just received your message. I was in the city until now so… Anyway, I love your site’s layout and everything, of course I’ll add your banner to our affiliates! o/

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  3. Thanks so much! And AGH cliffhanger!

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