Recruiting + Looking for scans!

Hi guys!

We are currently recruiting for TYPESETTERS and CLEANERS! If you can help us, please do send us an email! Experienced is preferred because I don’t have time to teach beginners with cleaning ; w ;

The following are projects in need of cleaning:

  • Kocchimuite Waratte by Ichikawa Kei
  • Bright Light Sprout by Ichikawa Kei
  • Tsukumo no Hana by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Ani no Senaka ch5 by Sagami Waka

On the other note, I’m looking for scans for Ichikawa Kei’s Blue Sky Complex chapter 12 and Stray Bullet Baby. If you guys know anyone who has it and would like to scan for the group, please send us an email! Thank you very much!


  1. Man.. when I saw the other website disappear, I dropped my jaw thinking, “She finally pulled the plug…” You gave me a big scare! While I’m traveling overseas, many things happened to you.. Well, one way or another, I’m glad that you are motivated to try harder with anything. The worst enemy of depression is the listless and defeated feeling. Fight it at all cost and do whatever you can. Once you rise up to a certain point, things won’t look as bad. I can say that because I’ve been there too. :*) Hope you feel better soon and try getting out and exercise~

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