Before you apply, check the position description, so that you know what we expect from you.
We will also need you to make a Discord account for us to communicate easier with everyone in the team.

– Can read and understand the Japanese language.
– Is able to produce fluent English sentences.
– Also have to be able to proofread from Japanese
– Strives for perfection.
– Read our guide here.
– Take the test here.

– Converting raws to grayscale.
– Rotating: vertical lines are 90°.
– Cropping: cut off any surplus space around the page.
– Leveling: make black areas black, white areas white.
– White out: remove text from bubbles, narratives, SFX, etc.
– Redrawing: reproduce the background behind texts, SFX, etc.
– Dodging: remove dirt and spots.
– Take the test here.

– Adding in text in a readable, presentable manner.
– Making SFX look all nice and shiny.
– Checking for overall readability and typographic consistency and aesthetic.
– Take the test here.

Please send your applications to including the following questions:

– Nickname
– Username for the Credits
– Reason Why You Want to Join
– Hours Availability

Once you made a Discord account, please send a friend request to JazDLazyFujoshi#7349

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