Site Name/URL Changed + Recruiting

Hi guys. I changed the site name from Aozora Scans into Blue Sky Scans so I changed the URL as well into = coz the last one was pretty long O_O

Also, since I’ve changed the group name from MXR, it felt like a whole new scanlation group I am managing. Let’s think that MXR is now gone and will forever in our hearts 🙁 and now the next adventures will start (continue) here in Blue Sky Scans 🙂 For that, I have decided to make the anniversary date on the same day as I was born which is on October 8th. We will be releasing our first releases next month, hopefully there are a bunch @_@

On the other hand, we’re now RECRUITING!! Please disregard what I said in the last post about “not recruiting at the moment”, lmao.

See you soon~


  1. who made that icon? that pretty.

  2. welcome back <3 <3 <3

  3. So good to know you’re not retiring… yet? LOL Welcome back dear! Maybe you can consider a release of Kocchi muite waratte? i think there’s one chapter & one extra left! m _ _ m

  4. stormwolf2010

    Yay! I look forward to seeing what you will be releasing ^_^

  5. Welcome to the newborn Blue Sky Scans and long life to it !

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