Staff List

Posted ImageName: Jaz
Position: Owner, Admin, Cleaner, Typesetter, Quality-Checker
Birthday: October 8
Nationality: Filipino
About Me: A hikikomori who loves to meet new friends and stalk popular manga reader sites.
Posted ImageName: IcedTea
Position: Japanese Translator / Proofreader
Birthday: November 11
Nationality: Norn
About Me: Scorpio to the core. The only A I’ll ever have in life is my bloodtype. Gintama is life.
Posted ImageName: heysayrei
Position: Japanese Translator / Proofreader
Birthday: September 22
Nationality: Earthling
About Me: The outernet? It’s scary. Avid supporter of oversized hoodies, lip balms, and unpopular vegetables.
 Name: aozora21
Position: Freelance Japanese Translator
Birthday: June 13
Nationality: —
About Me: A fujoshi, dreamer, and freelance translator for AF.
Posted ImageName: Addi
Position: Cleaner, Typesetter
Birthday: March 15
Nationality: Midgardian
About Me: Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Trash Extraordinaire.
Name: REL
Position: Cleaner
 November 23
Nationality: Polish
About Me: Life is love! Love is porn. ;D
Name: Amelicano
Position: Cleaner
 March 12
Nationality: Trash
About me: 〣( ºΔº )〣
Name: Harusame
Position: Japanese Translator
Nationality: —
About me: —

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