Update – Welcome to our new home~

You know, I’m not really fond of using wordpress.com. Why? Because I can’t customize my own theme layout nor upload new plugins! So I searched and searched for some webshosting sites that offers free subdomain with unlimited disk space and bandwidth (there’s nothing unlimited btw) these past days and finally found S U G A R K I S S! What’s more, it seems like the site owner is quick on replying stuff so I’m happy with the service. I just hope s/he can help me install FoOlSlide or there will be forever no online reader of our own unless some kindred-spirit comes up and help me with it KsdJFsdlkfjdf

So yeah, anyway, WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME, guys!


  1. Congratulations, it’s a very colorful, happy-looking site 😀

  2. congrats to the new site.

  3. Just wanted to say, loving the new site!

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