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Yah, so updates. Since we got a new translator (originally wanted to work on Ichikawa Kei stuff) we’ll be -hopefully- having some work done, finally.

I just got the cleans for Ani no Senaka ch.5 and extra. I’ll typed it soon, maybe after I finish some scanning o-o I’ll be giving the new translator those manga I was gonna drop if I didn’t find a new translator. She’s working on Usotsuki na Shisen at the moment. I’ll have her work on Kimi ga Boku wo Terasu next. Hopefully we can finish a few mangas before the year ends. A fellow tumblr user is translating that extra from Slow Days, @seotranslates is working on translating Kocchi Muite Waratte doujinshi – Switch and @chibachibascans is working on the other Kocchi Muite Waratte doujinshi – Look at Me.

So expect a lot of releases next month 🙂

Also, here are the (maybe?) future projects we will be working on sometime next year…
Lemme know if some groups have these three in their projects list tho o-o

For that, WE’RE LOOKING FOR A TYPESETTER!! Just one is enough.
Send us an email if you are interested! Thank you~

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  1. Thanks a lot for the news!

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